Mountain's Edge has a rich history with the Old West and the beginnings of Las Vegas. With the beginning of the Gold Rush of 1849, Americans were lured west and often traveled across the Spanish Trail. Eventually, that Spanish Trail was converted to a wagon road used by pioneers making their way to California to pick up goods and supplies. This Spanish Trail ran just one mile north of Mountain's Edge. 
Mining was the main reason for Americans to begin moving to Las Vegas. Above-ground mining continues today at Sloan, just south of Mountain's Edge, and on top of Blue Diamond Hill to the northwest. Instead of mining for silver or lead, miners are unearthing gypsum to make wallboards for new homes! 
Las Vegas grew into the city it is today with the construction of the San Pedro, Los Angeles, & Salt Lake Railroad. The last spike completing this railroad was driven at Sutor Siding, only a few miles southeast of Mountain's Edge.
Today, Mountain's Edge is a bustling community with over 12,500 homes, three parks, and plenty of amenities! Everyday Mountain's Edge strives to add more value to the community through continuous growth, resident-forward lifestyle events, and steady maintenance of our grounds.