Dog Park


 Building a Dog Park
One Brick at a Time

The construction of the Mountain's Edge Dog Park has officially begun. Located within Nathaniel Jones Park, this community amenity will feature three fenced in areas, benches, trees, and the installation of the personalized bricks that have made this project possible. Funds are still being raised in order to include as many features as possible.








For years, building a dog park inside Mountain’s Edge has been one of the top most requested amenities by homeowners.  This sentiment was validated in 2017 when a Parks Satisfaction survey generated several unprompted comments from respondents to have a dog park.  After careful research was conducted by the board and management, a decision was reached to start planning and budgeting this long-awaited amenity. 

A volunteer homeowner committee was assembled with a variety of relevant skill sets critical in designing, planning, budgeting, and funding the future park.  We are excited to finally outline the following details with you:

Where will the park be located? Several sites were considered, but in the end Nathaniel Jones Park at 8800 Sparkling Chandon Drive made the most sense for budget purposes and seclusion.

How will the park be funded? A fundraising campaign is underway to provide a large portion of the needed construction funds. A portion of the estimate construction cost was approved at the November Annual Meeting for 2019 as a part of the annual budget.  

When will the park be built? Construction will commence once the Phase I Fundraising goal of $15,000 is met.

How can I contribute to the fundraiser?  We will be selling various sizes of engraved bricks that will be located throughout the dog park.  Additionally, there are sponsorship opportunities for amenities such as: trees, benches, leash racks, etc…

Do you need to be a MEMA resident or business to participate in fundraising? Not at all!  Bricks make wonderful gifts for animal lovers and there are no geographical boundary for commercial sponsorships.

How else can I help? If you work for or own a business specializing in construction materials/labor and can provide discounted or wholesale cost on items such as: concrete, fencing, lighting, or other park infrastructure, please e-mail Caitlyn Morang:

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