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Please review the accordions below for answers to frequently asked questions as well as quick links to helpful community forms. For more information and further form access please login to your private resident account.
  • General FAQs
    • Who are Mountain's Edge members?

      More and more commonly the southwestern edge of the Las Vegas Valley is simply called 'Mountain's Edge'. In fact, only homes purchased within the Master Association are members with full Mountain's Edge community benefits through their assessments. By purchasing a home within the community, residents automatically become a member of the Association. Membership is mandatory and will continue as long as you own your home. The deed to your home includes information regarding enforced Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's - Governing Documents) of the Association. As a resident you have the opportunity to attend Mountain's Edge events (online preregistration required), access the community website via private resident login, are offered discounted rates on Park Pavilion Rentals, and more. 

      What is the Mountain's Edge Master Association?

      The Master Association is a non-profit entity organized and incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada. Formed with the purpose of protecting and preserving the character of the community for the common benefit of residents, which provides maintenance and care of common properties, supervises architectural control, and ensures that the community's Governing Documents are followed. All Association members pay assessments to provide funding for the community's care and maintenance. 

      Why am I getting mail from two different Associations?

      The Master Association works to benefit all homes within the expansive Mountain's Edge community. The majority of neighborhoods within the community have elected to additionally hire a Sub-Association. As a general rule, the Master Association takes care of everything outside of your community (i.e. parks, 4 million square feet of common area, etc.) and the Sub-Association takes care of everything inside of your community (i.e. gates, parking enforcement, etc.) There are exceptions in which a neighborhood may be managed directly by the Master Association and a Sub-Association is not involved. The best way to tell who to contact in response to a letter is to review the document for business contact information. 

      Who runs the Mountain's Edge Master Association?

      Mountain's Edge leadership is provided by the Board of Directors, who are all community residents. Board members are elected by fellow homeowners according to the rules outline in the Governing Documents. All Board members are volunteers and are not compensated for their time. A management company, CCMC, is employed by the Association to facilitate a great number of daily operations to keep Mountain's Edge running smoothly. For a description of all personnel role descriptions, please CLICK HERE.

      What does the Board of Directors do?

      The Mountain's Edge Master Association is a non-profit corporation and the Board of Directors is responsible for making decisions and running the business of that corporation according to the guidelines outlines in the Governing Documents. The Board has exclusive right to authorize the Association to contract for and disperse funds for all goods and services as necessary. Their responsibilities include timely collection of assessments as well as payments made for services provided to the Association.

      How are the Board of Directors Elected?

      The members of the Association vote to elect the Board of Directors at the annual meeting in November according to rules outlined in the Governing Documents. The Community Manager will notify all community members of the upcoming meeting and offer all members in Good Standing the opportunity to be nominated for open Board positions. Members in Good Standing can cast votes prior to the Annual Meeting when their ballot arrives in the mail.

      What happens at Board Meetings?

      The Board meetings are a venue for the Board of Directors to conduct community business in an open setting. Meetings follow a predetermined agenda that includes review of finances, old and new business. Residents are welcome to attend Board of Directors meetings, and may review the meeting schedule by logging in to the resident exclusive portion of the website. You may be asked to sign up to speak at an open session prior to the meeting if you wish to present a concern or question. As Board meetings are public, specific information regarding property covenant violations, residents or individuals cannot legally be discussed. If you have such concerns please CLICK HERE to contact the Mountain's Edge team prior to the meeting. General topics are welcome for discussion.

      How much are Mountain's Edge Assessments?

      Currently the assessments for the Mountain's Edge Master Association are $93 a quarter ($31 monthly, due every three months). There may be additional fees due to the Neighborhood within which you live. For instance a Neighborhood with a Sub-Association may incur additional fees.

      When are Assessments Due?

      Assessments are due quarterly on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. They are considered late as of the first day of the following month. If payments are not received on time, late fees and collection costs may be incurred until the account is brought current. If you have any questions regarding payments on your account, please contact the Master Association office at 702-457-6362 or complete the Account History Request eForm by logging in to your Mountain's Edge resident website account. CLICK HERE to pay your assessments online.

      If you have any questions not addressed in the General Frequently Asked Question's (FAQs) above, please feel free to log in to the community resident exclusive portion of the website for more information or contact us here.

  • Design Review
    • Required Application

      CLICK HERE for the Master Association Design Review Application

      Supporting Documents

      CLICK HERE to view Exhibit A: Patio Cover/Pergola/Gazebo Checklist & Guide
      CLICK HERE to view Exhibit B: Landscape Checklist & Guide
      CLICK HERE to view Exhibit C: Plant Legend Checklist & Guide
      CLICK HERE to view Exhibit D: Fire Pit/Permanent Barbeque/Outdoor Kitchen Checklist & Guide
      CLICK HERE to view Exhibit E: Security Door/Gate/Window Guard/Camera/Lights Checklist
      CLICK HERE to view Exhibit F: Sport/Play Equipment Checklist & Guide
      CLICK HERE to view Exhibit G: Fence/Wall Checklist & Guide

      Guidelines & SNWA Plant List

      CLICK HERE for the Master Association Design Review Guidelines
      CLICK HERE for the SNWA Water Smart Plant List – Drought Tolerant List
  • Park Rules and Reservations
    • Exploration Peak Park

      CLICK HERE for the Exploration Peak Park Rules 
      CLICK HERE for the Exploration Peak Park Pavilion Reservation Form
      Digital reservation forms available to residents upon login

      Nathaniel Jones Park

      CLICK HERE for the Nathaniel Jones Park Rules
      CLICK HERE for the Nathaniel Jones Park Pavilion Reservation Form
      Digital reservation forms available to residents upon login

      Paiute Park

      CLICK HERE for the Paiute Park Rules
      CLICK HERE for the Paiute Park Volleyball Reservation Form
      Digital reservation forms available to residents upon login

      Mountain's Edge Regional Park

      Areas within the Mountain's Edge Regional Park are available for reservation through the Clark County Parks and Recreation Department. They can be reached at 702-455-8334 or CLICK HERE for more information. The Mountain's Edge Master Association cannot process these reservations.

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